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Tehachapi Wellness Center

Dream * Hope * Achieve

Welcome to our center

Our center provides solution oriented counseling in a respectful and supportive environment. By tapping into your own strengths and abilities, you can overcome the barriers to a satisfying life and pave the way to achieving your hopes and dreams.

Our staff are trained to provide specialized individual treatment for adults, children, families and couples.

Susan Bilow, LMFT
Co-Founder - Clinical Director
Private Practice Clinical Therapist
EAP Provider

Rena Shumway, CAMF, CATC, NCAC, SAP
Co-Founder - Executive Director
Private Practice Counselor
State and National Certified Addiction Counselor
DOT Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)
Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor
Certified Behavior Management Specialist

Alfred Gregg, LMFT
Clincical Therapist -
 Independent Contractor
EAP Provider

Jennefer Lawson, LMFT
Independent Contractor -
Clinical Therapist
Play Therapy

Phil Witty, LMFT
Independent Contractor -
Clinical Therapist

Ann Laing, LMFT
Clinical Therapist -
Independent Contractor

April Whitco, APCC
Associate Professional Clinical Counselor awhitco@tehachapiwellness.org

Sandra Castillo
Office Assistant
Contract Coordinator
Supervised Visitation Monitor

Brandy Mejia
Office Assistant
bm[email protected]apiwellness.org

An Idea is Born

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